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Törggelen in our Neighbourhood



Törggelen in Feldthurns

  • Schrotthof (100m away, Tel.: +39 0472 855570)
  • Glangerhof (Guln 91, Tel.: +39 0472 855317)
  • Obermoserhof (Schnauders 26, Tel.: +39 0472 855 215)
  • Peintnerhof (Tschiffnon 39, Tel.: +39 0472 855 584)
  • Wöhrmannhof (Tschiffnon 8, Tel.: +39 0472 855250)

Törgellen time - time for farmhouse gormandizing. The tradition lasting from early October until  early December involves a walk up to a cosy farmhouse inn amid the golden colours of autumn, there to savour seasonal food and new wine.

Autumn is high season in farmhouse taverns and each year the South Tyrolean Farmers’ Association selects the best. Farmhouses open their snug -wood-panelled living rooms - to ramblers, offering grape juice and new wine from their own vineyards, along with homemade speck, roast chestnuts and dishes  from South Tyrol's traditional rich and varied cuisine.

South Tyrol's farmhouse taverns are a delight to visit both in the high season, autumn, and  throughout the year. Many open from spring to late autumn, while others open all year round.  Visitors can experience the fascination of the southern Alps in South Tyrol through the seasons  by gastronomic means, by the seasonal fruit, vegetables and dishes on their plates.

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